Ann Coyne Paragon Home Loans Loan Officer in Syracuse New York

Ann Coyne

Loan Officer

Ann is passionate about first time home buyers. She enjoys helping them find the right product, helping them improve their credit, answering their questions through the entire mortgage process. Her ideal customer comes to her, knowing that they can trust her to do the best for them. Ann is very detail oriented and is good at spotting errors in magazines, newspapers, books, form letters, etc. She is a great proofreader!

Ann has over 36 years of home loan consulting experience. She often receives repeat customers and now second-generation customers. This is attributed to Ann’s ability to put the customer’s mind at ease. There are times when people apologize for asking so many questions. She always tells them that if she knows the answer to their questions, it is because she originally asked someone the same question at some point. Ann understands and appreciates that we weren’t born knowing any of this! It’s through her years of experience that she is a knowledgeable home loan consultant.