First Time Homebuyer tips for after you close

According to a study done by the National Association of Realtors Research Group, first time home buyers made up 31% of all home buyers in 2021. Majority of those homebuyers were uncertain on what to expect after the closing table. Here are some of our suggestions and advice from past first-time borrowers that can ease the overwhelming feeling of uncertainty.

Know your location

Trying to find your way around at the last minute can be both frustrating and a waste of time. Scope out the best routes to important locations like work, grocery stores, gas stations, hospitals, and urgent care. 

New address changes

One of the first steps after closing on a home is changing your address and turning on utilities. The post office has an easy few step process that can be completed online using this website. The DMV also requires any address changes to be completed within 10 days of moving. Follow this link for a DMV instruction guide. Additional places that will need to know about your address change are Banks, Insurance companies and any ongoing subscriptions.  

Utilities to set up include gas, electricity, water, cable, and internet. Make sure to give companies plenty of notice to ensure your utilities are turned on when you need them.

Making your home yours

It’s going to seem like a lot of pieces are moving fast and trying to fall into place at once. Packing and movers should be scheduled for a date after cleaning, repairs, and painting. Also, don’t forget to pick up a change of locks on your first trip to the store.

“I didn’t realize how many visits to the hardware store were needed. Try to make a list and avoid so many trips.” – John


Make a checklist of all the rooms in your new home and make sure each room has the basics. Some commonly forgotten items are tools, cleaning supplies, trash bags, toiletries, towels, groceries, and first aid. If you are staying in your house before everything is unpacked, make sure to have a survival box that’s easily accessible and contains all the items you will need to make it through the first few days and nights.


Now that you are responsible for your own bills make sure you budget your income against your new expenses.

“It was an adjustment going from renting to owning. I really had to pay attention to my gas and electric utilization” – Hannah

 New things to prepare for

Sometimes we take things for granted when living at home or renting with roommates. Make sure you are prepared for grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, repairs, maintenance, plowing, mowing, and landscaping.

Tackling one task at a time will keep your move organized and your mind at ease. Always reach out to your Loan Officer with any questions, the services at Paragon don’t end at the closing table!