Love makes A House A Home. Love your home this Valentine's Day

Love Makes A House A Home. Love your home this Valentine’s Day

February 14th, the National Day of Love, Candy, Flowers, and Gifts. One legend suggests the Origin of Valentine’s Day came from the story of St. Valentine who gave his life so couples could be united. February 14th was chosen because it was of ancient belief that lovebirds began to mate on that day.  Today we celebrate Valentines Day as a day of Romance and Love. Here are some tips on how we can show our home some sweetness too.

Get Organized

On average you spend about 40 percent more of your time inside during the winter months, so why wait until spring to start your cleaning. Experts suggest an organized home increases productivity and diminishes stress. Aim to tackle one space at a time, starting with an area that gets the most traffic like a Kitchen or living room. Try to focus on clearing the clutter and not relying on buying items like bins and baskets to hide the mess. For each room create a donation bag that you can drop off at the end of your cleaning haul.  

Stop Drafts

When temperatures start to drop, we find ourselves escaping indoors where its warm and cozy. Make sure there isn’t any unwanted airflow getting in. Check places like windows, doors, vents, and outer walls for drafts. Some small changes that won’t break the bank are installing door sweepers, replacing cracked or damaged sealing, and covering high draft windows with plastic film.


Doing projects off season genuinely cost less. Some ideas that could give your home more of an appeal are applying new interior paint, refurbishing doors, adding smart home devices, and upgrading your flooring.

Show your loved ones some extra kindness this Valentine’s Day. Maybe a nice home cooked meal in a clean kitchen will do the trick.