What to Look For In a Lender

What to Look For In a Lender from Paragon Home LoansBuying a home is the biggest transaction of your life. A home costs at least triple the amount of a car and a mortgage lasts five times as long as an auto loan. As one of the biggest purchases of your life, choosing the right team has never been more important. Most homebuyers know that they need to choose a real estate agent, preferably one who is knowledgeable in the area that they are looking in, but many forget that they also need to choose who is going to finance their loan. This is a process that goes a lot further than simply picking a company to write your monthly mortgage check to. No, choosing a lender also means who within that mortgage company you are going to work with.

While it is ultimately your choice in choosing who you lend from and the type of financial institution you work with, I recommend that you choose a mortgage banker over any other mortgage professional. A mortgage banker is able to provide superior service and dedication. Mortgage bankers only work in mortgages; they do not deal with auto loans, checking accounts, insurance policies or any other “extra” services than you may find from brokerage services or large financial institutions. In addition to being hyper focused on mortgages, you are more likely to have your dream of becoming a homeowner come true when you choose to work with a mortgage banker! Mortgage bankers are able to approve many loans than brokers and banks cannot. In addition, borrowers with great credit and favorable finances are still able to receive the best rates and service on the market.

In order to receive the best service from your mortgage banker, it is imperative that you select one with a verifiable personal NMLS number, and that they are sponsored by a mortgage company licensed in the state you are looking to purchase a home in*. The mortgage company should have its own unique NMLS number and be an equal opportunity lender.

When you come to me looking to buy a home, I make sure that you know and understand what is going on every step of the way. It is your right to be informed throughout the process. With me, you can trust that when I issue you a pre-qualification letter than I have every intention of closing your loan and getting you into the house of your dreams. You can trust that I am knowledgeable about the area that I work with and that I am dedicated to finding the best possible loan for them.

* To verify the NMLS number of the individual or company you are working with go to http://www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org/