Marissa Sheron Paragon Home Loans Loan Officer in Buffalo New York

Marissa Sheron

Loan Officer

For 15 years, Marissa has been helping Western New Yorker's finance their home purchase. It has been her personal approach to originating that has fueled her success and allowed her to gain her clients’ trust. Marissa makes a personal connection with each and every client with whom she works and guides them, hand in hand, throughout the entire mortgage process. Even those clients who Marissa is unable to approve initially due to credit opportunities, receive her personal approach and dedication. Marissa has made it a mission to assist any and all potential clients with correcting their credit should it be required. Marissa has a passion for helping the first-time homebuyer. She believes that buying your first home is an important and monumental step in life and would be honored to assist you in financing your first home.