Refinance Mortgage

Refinance Mortgage

One of the toughest financial challenges that anyone faces is purchasing a home. You‘ve made it through that, but now you are considering making a change. No, not to the house itself, but to the mortgage payment. You’re contemplating refinancing your mortgage. Perhaps you’ve made substantial upgrades to your home and it now holds more value, maybe the interest rates are lower than they were when you purchased your home, or maybe you want to shorten your loan’s terms.

Regardless of why you want to refinance, we have loan officers here to help.

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What Does Refinancing Do For Me?

Refinance Mortgage Paragon Home Loans

A refinance mortgage loan will replace your existing mortgage. A refinance mortgage allows you to get a lesser interest rate, money in your pocket, a fixed rate, or a shorter loan amount.



What Refinance Mortgage is Right for me?

While every situation, need and customer is different, here are some suggestions to get you started.

  • Better Rate --> FHA, VA, Conventional
  • Home Improvements --> Cash Out Refinance, 203K
  • Better Term --> 15 FHA, Conventional
  • Want Cash --> Cash Out Refinance
  • Consolidate Debt --> Cash Out Refinance


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A Paragon Home Loans refinance mortgage professional can help you understand your options, and make it happen.

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